14 November 2009


It's getting towards dusk in Monaco and I notice this lady putting her little dog into a carrying bag.

Meet Shelby, a tiny Yorkie, and 15 months of age. She lives in Antibes. Her owner told me Shelby is her fifth Yorkie, or did she say her seventh. I forget. So often when we love a particular breed, there is no other for us. Don't you love Shelby's matching bow and blanket.

Note - in the background of the smaller photo you can see Monte Carlo's famous casino.


@eloh said...

You just can't look at that and not fall in love.

lady jicky said...

The French just know how to "work it" - even their dogs are chic!! LOL

Real cute.

Unknown said...

Celia said, Yes, they tend to dress their dogs like themselves - in St Tropez anyway!


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