10 November 2009

Buzz plus Bone

It amazes me how some dogs can carry a bone half the size of them - well I exaggerate, of course.

Meet Buzz, a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who lives in Antibes, just along the coast from Nice.


@eloh said...

It looks like he is wondering your intentions toward his bone.

I wish I were young enough to have another dog. I love these little things, always wanted one.

Of course I like them all.

Owen said...

He's adorable Jilly... can't show this to my daughters, they have been wanting a CKC for years now, but we already have plenty of pets... what a big bone for a small dog !

Jilly said...

@eloh - I don't know how he managed to carry this bone. It's rubber and really quite heavy. You are so right, he looks as if he's saying 'I dare you!'

Lessie said...

I love this breed -- this photo makes me think they look somewhat like a Cocker Spaniel. Just hit me for the first time. Love the eyes.

WendyB said...

So cute! Dogs can do amazing things when they're motivated. One time I found Henry the Pekingese standing on the dining room table, licking out a bowl of yogurt that I had left for a moment. His legs are about 3" long! How he would have gotten down without me, I don't know.

Jilly said...

Wendy - how did he get up there?!


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