30 December 2008

Who are you?

My neighbour has a Berger Pyrénées (Labrit) so maybe that is what this dog is - although I think the legs are too short. Perhaps she's a Tibetan Terrier? Perhaps SHE is a HE? I wish now I'd asked but it was just a quick shot and on we went. Snapped in a Menton square.

Today is a BIG DAY at Pension Milou as we are adopting two dogs rescued from a Hell Hole. Shut in a roughly 2 metre square run for 8 years, never let out and never cleaned out. Yes, living on 8 years of excrement. They were lifted out of there yesterday and are currently en route to me from the Languedoc - should be here in a few hours! Obviously, I've not met them - the first dogs given a home by email! If you want to follow the excitement please read more on Postcards from 'Pension Milou.'

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Jilly , I have popped over to Postcards and left a message.
I think this little guy is a mix - but what a lovely mix he is!
I will be thinking of you tonight as the new year chimes in here in Australia . Give those darlings a big aussie kiss from us here!
Melinda, Steve (hubby) , Oscar and Ms Rosie!


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