24 December 2008


The larger photo looks as if it's simply a cropped version of the small one, doesn't it? But it's not. This adorable 7 year old American cocker spaniel didn't move - she was a scaredy cat as you see. Her owner, who lives in Menton, told me she's a very nervous dog.

The love of my life was an American cocker spaniel - Milou - so I've a very soft spot for this breed.

In Europe, we call English cocker spaniels simply 'cocker spaniels.' And so, in Europe, Tequila is called an 'American cocker spaniel.'

In America, it's the other way around. Tequila would be called a 'cocker spaniel' and the others are called English cocker spaniels. Confused?


Sharon said...

What a beautiful little face.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen on this color. She's gorgeous.

Paula said...

Your blog is very funny.
I love dogs.
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