02 December 2008

Oscar - the winner

Most of the dogs we meet on Riviera Dogs aren't show dogs - except at the time of the Monaco Dog Show, of course - when we see lots!

I met Oscar in Roquebrune village where his owner was selling garlic (the best variety in the world), chestnuts and walnuts. In fact you can see one of the walnuts in his bed. His owner breeds French bulldogs. Oscar, now 13 years old, was used as her main stud dog and foundation of her kennel. He's a beauty too - and look at him at 13 - how wonderfully strong and fit he is. Breeders need to think of the health and longevity of their dogs. This lady obviously does.

You can see the garlic by clicking on the link.


WendyB said...

He's handsome!

lady jicky said...

Your Oscar is a beauty and I too have a Oscar who is 13 yrs and going strong. He is a pug x maltese. I have two dogs.
Jilly - Rosie my rescue pug had her stitches out of both eyes and the eye specialist is happy and so is Rosie without all those ingrowing eyelashes. We wait for 3 months to see that - hopefully, none have grown back.
From my Oscar to yours in Monaco - "G'day mate!"


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