17 December 2008

Wannie - the book dog

If Wannie can't read, then it's not for lack of inspiration. Her owner, Lily, has a large bookstall in Menton market.

Wannie is a refuge dog (a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix) - she came from the SPA and is 13 years old. In the photo, Lily is giving her a drink in a little tin - the water comes from the fountain in the Place des Herbes, in Menton.

Lily loves dogs and so does her twin sister, who used to be a veterinary nurse but now runs a collection and delivery service for dogs in this area.


lady jicky said...

Please giv Wannie a big hug when you see her next. I have a soft spot for rescue dogs Jilly.

USelaine said...

You always seem to capture the gentleness of the dogs you encounter, to the extent possible (camera freak-outs notwithstanding). Here, she has the most lovely face, full of peace, and surely it is you making it so.


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