16 December 2008

Melhu - amongst the paintings

Melhu lives in Sospel, which is a mountain village about 20 ks above Menton. Her owner sells antiques in the Friday market in Menton which is where she is in these pics.

In the first photograph, she's quite natural - then in the small one, her owner was trying to get her to keep still and of course he had her attention, so she didn't look at the camera. I often have to tell owners, 'Please don't talk to the dog' else he or she won't look at the camera. In the last one, she is sitting, doing what she is told but I prefer her expression in the first one, before she was being posed for the photograph.

Melhu is a mixture of a Border Collie, a Newfoundland and a Labrador. She's 4 years old and adorable - a dog who adores her owner.


Petrea Burchard said...

Bisous for Melhu! I love all your Riviera dogs. I think I'd like to be one.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Yes indeed the top photo is the best of the three


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