28 June 2011

Igor, the Chinese Crested

Here's another dog I met at the Arabian Horse Show in Menton - and an unusual one.

This dapper little Chinese Crested is called Igor. He's two years and four months and he lives in Belgium.

This breed, being nearly hairless, has to have sunscreen put on the skin in hot weather - just like us! You can read more about Chinese Cresteds by clicking on the link.

He carries himself so beautifully, doesn't he? Looks like the tiniest shire horse with a blond mane.


brattcat said...

he is a remarkable creature of grace, elegance, and beauty. and you've caught it all.

Sharon Creech said...

I thought at first it was an unusually *pretty* she. I would love to see him walk . . .

lady jicky said...

There is a old Chinese couple with a very spoilt Crested near me and they give theirs bok choy as its good for them they told me - I now put bok choy in my dogs vege snack too. I don't know if it does anything different Jilly but they like it! LOL

glenda said...

Igor is quite elegant looking I think. He appears to be wearing shaggy boots.


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