23 June 2011

Salukis at the Arabian Horse Show

Salukis go with Arabian horses - you often see them at the fabulous Arabian Horse Show in Menton and so it was the other day.

These have beautiful collars - see the tassels on the first and the purple and green woven collar on the second.

These two were tied up whilst their owners watched the competition. You can see more by clicking on Menton Daily Photo.


Sharon Creech said...

I've never seen this breed before--thanks for the introduction! And I love the collars!

lady jicky said...

They are the super-models of the dog world!
I have a "thing" for tassels and they are on the knobs of many of my furniture draws ---- Kenzo and Moi Moi are looking worried now!!!! LOL

winnipeg butcher said...

Such a beautiful dog


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