24 July 2010


What a well-trained little dog. In the smaller photo he approaches the crossing and then he waits for the lights to change.


glenda said...

He is a very good example for the little boy walking with them.

lady jicky said...

Good boy!

Looks hot in the photos Jilly!

Minnie said...

Ravishing photos, Jilly - a real canine treat!
Unable to take on a pet, I volunteer for local animal shelter. Seems there are fashions in dogs as well as attire: this year, 'mini-Pins'; next JRTs. Then so often this type of thoughtless owner dumps the pup as being too much trouble. The SDA is seeing a lot of this; have you experienced it, too?

Jilly said...

Here, we seem to get a lot of hunting dogs at the refuges in the Var. Not so many fashionable dogs as such. I know this is something I have experienced in the past tho when I lived in the UK. Regardless of breed, there are far too many dogs that are just dumped or badly treated in this world. Both my two are refuge dogs. I wish everyone would adopt refuge dogs instead of buying puppies.


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