14 July 2010

The Saint Pierre dog

This little dog took part in the Festival of Saint Pierre recently - St. Peter being the patron saint of fishermen. Above and left he is on a boat waiting to go out into the bay where the priest will bless the fisherman who have died at sea.

In the photo below he's waiting - in his owner's arms - for the procession to arrive. You can follow this topic on Menton Daily Photo.


lady jicky said...

Looks like you are having lovely weather Jilly!

that little guy is cute too! LOL

glenda said...

He looks like a dog who would be happy on a boat at sea.

Pat said...

Here I am. Just had to click to see this cutie closer.

joanna said...

Lucky dog.... he too looks like he enjoyed the festivities.


Lynette said...

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!


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