11 July 2010

Dog at Dusk

This golden retriever mix was waiting outside a beautiful chapel in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. It's opposite La Reserve de Beaulieu which is one of the Riviera's great hotels (see below). The chapel is now used as an exhibition space and I went along to see a really good exhibition of photographs. This dog was drying off after a swim in the sea. Presumably he belonged to one of the organisers and was more than happy to accept pats from all and sundry.


Rob said...

What a gentle expression!

ann p. said...

What a lovely face! What is it about Goldens, they are the sweetest and most loveable of dogs. We lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Caesar, several months ago and I still miss him terribly. As cliche as it sounds, he taught me the proper attitude toward life. Your photos capture what is so special about this remarkable breed.

joanna said...

Beautiful soulful expression



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