29 July 2010

The Bulldogs?

This was published on Menton Daily Photo a few days ago and it was suggested I should put it on Riviera Dogs.

This guy works on a clothing stall near to the market in Menton and was more than happy to have his tattoos photographed. Left to right - Lady, Churchill and Petula. He insists all three are English Bulldogs but the one on the left looks like a Boxer and the one on the right a bit like a Pit Bull.

Tomorrow - a real dog!


joanna said...

WOW, some interesting looking bull dogs.


lady jicky said...

I guess the two on both ends are like what bulldogs would have been many, many years ago before man really breed them "big time" for a certain look!

I love pekes , pugs and many other breeds but ..... I would not have a tatt Jilly!!! LOL


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