02 May 2010

Tchaou, the cartoon dog

Who loves pugs?! This is Tchaou, which is the name of a cartoon character in Japan. She's 4 months old and lives in Brussels but was on holiday in Menton.

As you can see in the smaller photo, she didn't want to keep still - would you at 4 months? - and so her owner kindly picked her up so I could grab a shot.


Anonymous said...

Aww, being a Frenchie-parent, I'm a sucker for the brachycephalic (pushed in faces) breeds! My sister has a boston terrier, and mine little love-bug is mistaken for a pug all the time. So cute! And mine won't be still at 15 months, so to be still at 4 months would be an impossible request! Cutie!

lady jicky said...

Oh Jilly - there is nothing like a pug.
Did you know, they say the black pugs are VERY Naughty!!!
Much like the apricot poodles!
My husband knows someone at work with two black pugs and they are sooooo naughty! He breeds those big Russian Terriers but his two black pugs are the "bad boys" in his house! LOL

glenda said...

What a darling face. he looks like he is laughing at some funny story.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE pugs...especially BLACK pugs! One of my dear friends has a female pug named Percy. She is one of my doggies' best friends. The 3 of them love to play and be mischevious together. So cute!
Love your blog, and thank you so much for the comment way back in January that you left for me. So nice! Sorry it took me so long to mention it to you.
Take care,


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