07 May 2010

Elios, the Brocante Dog

Last Sunday - a very dull day but happily no rain - there was a brocante in Menton - this happens on the first Sunday in May every year with hundreds of stalls spread out through the town and along the promenade. People rummage through their attics and sell what they don't want - but also there are antique dealers selling their wares.

Little Elios, who is six months old and lives in Menton - well, he thought it the best fun to rummage in his owner's bag of toys.


lady jicky said...

One sweet Frenchie!!!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Glenda is really going to love this.

She will be much more thrilled about this post than seeing her own photo on Julie's Scottsdale Daily Photo site today.

glenda said...

Dave is correct, love this little guy. A brocante sounds like our yard sales.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! So sweet! His eyes have the same intensity that my littler girl's have. Love the Frenchies!

Kate said...

I've scrolled through your recent photos of canines and am struck by the fact, or so it seems, that all Riviera dogs are purebreeds. True?
We made a decision to own only shelter dogs who are mostly crossbreeds. Love the all, regardless of breeds!

Jilly said...


Actually, I often put crossbred dogs on the blog. In fact look at the listing of dogs on the right and you'll find 82 crossbreed entries listed. I think it's just a coincidence that lately I've posted only pure bred dogs - just depends who I bump into on the day really and of course I'd covered the Monaco Dog Show where naturally they are pure bred dogs. Like you I always give a home to refuge dogs but many here, needing home, are pure breds - hounds for instance.


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