11 May 2010

The Comfy Corner

Dogs have that wonderful ability to make themselves comfortable in any corner, don't they? This dog is tucked up close to the wall of the bar, near to his owner of course - and patiently waiting whilst she has her coffee and chats to a friend who stopped by her table.


babbler said...

That dog is waiting for a small nibble to waft to the floor! It looks like it is waiting for a croissant ideed! Nice photo, Great post! Love, Mrs. Slug

Kate said...

This dog looks amazingly similar to our son's new puppy, Lexie, who incidentally has all the puppy characteristics. Instead of waiting patiently as this dog seems to be able to do, Lexie has feasted on my bedroom slippers and brand new sneakers!

Merry Dogs said...

He has a lovely tranquil expression. Do you know what breed he is? Or is he a cross-breed - lab x husky x GSD...?

Jilly said...

I don't know what breed she/he is. I'd think a cross-breed because it's quite a small dog. Gorgeous eh?


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