07 July 2008


This is Yappa - on a wall near to the beach at Roquebrune-cap-Martin. Yappa was a nervous little dog - very wary of strangers so you see her here, tail down, not too happy at having her photograph taken. Her owner, one of the characters of Roquebrune, can be seen on Menton Daily Photo today - and you'll find her there too, much happier alongside her owner.

Apologies for lack of posts recently. I've been in America for three weeks. Was very tempted to post some of the lovely dogs I found in Ohio and Utah but decided, however beautiful, they weren't Riviera Dogs. Normal service has now been resumed. Woof-woof.


WendyB said...

That's one unhappy tail.

Theresa said...

You were in Utah, you should have come to Oregon........ :)


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