15 July 2008


Meet Ramses, sitting on the sea wall in Menton. His nice owners reminded me that I'd photographed 3 year old Ramses before but that he'd never appeared on the blog. I simply couldn't remember what happened but, of course, I remembered the name and the dog. When I got home I realised that he was in the first batch I'd taken with my new camera (this camera) and after I uploaded them, I wiped the card before they'd been copied to the hard drive. Duh! So apologies to Ramses' owners but here he is at last! They commented last night that he needs grooming - well I think he's just gorgeous and rather dignified, don't you think, 'King of the Seawall.'

Tomorrow, meet Ramses' friend, Glinka.


glenda said...

What a face! He is beautiful. So glad you photographd him again.

WendyB said...

He's got a great smile!


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