14 July 2008

The Island of Réunion dog

This little bundle of love is called Noella - just a pup. She was born in the French Island of Réunion, where tragically live and dead dogs are used as shark bait. A wonderful lady in Villeneuve-Loubet brings dogs and puppies into France to rehome them. Noella was never in danger of being used as shark bait, but she came along anyway, via the lady, and now lives happily in Menton. Her wonderful 87-year old owner told me she is a Royal Bourbon Papillon. I can't find any reference to this breed, as such, except that the Papillon is featured in many old masters. A papillon is supposed to have been carried by Marie-Antoinette as she walked to the gallows and the older Papillons perhaps resemble Noella more than the modern ones.


Theresa said...

She is adorable. What a horrible story about dogs being shark bait, it just brought tears to my eyes.


Kala said...

this Papillon is gorgeous!


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