10 January 2014

Billy, the lucky English Setter

This beautiful English setter, Billy, is one lucky dog!  He was abandoned on a motorway in Italy and then hit by a car.  There is a great organisation in Italy called Italian Setter Rescue who call around to all the refuges taking in any abandoned setters. He had to have a knee operation and was then ready for his 'forever home' and he has found it in Monaco.  Tiffaney is a wonderful young lady who adores setters, she's had Gordons, an Irish Red and white, other English setters and now, this lovely dog - he's around 4 or 5 years old -  is her latest.

In this photo (I met Billy and Tiffaney at the vet's office)  he'd only been with her for 4 days but give him a week or so and Tiffany will have worked her magic on him and made him feel secure after his ordeal.

Long life and happiness to Billy and Tiffaney.


JudyS said...

What a gorgeous boy he is! So glad he has found a good home. A plague on the person who abandoned him.

glenda said...

Just love these happy ending rescue stories! Thank you. Jilly,

lady jicky said...

Oh such a wonderful story! I am so happy for him.

Jilly - its 8 in the evening and its still 42c !!! we are in for a very hot week!
Please send some of your cooool weather Down Under :)


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