22 January 2014

The Look!

This is a dog I saw at the Kermesse in Monaco in December.  She was walking around with another dog - and their owner, of course. There were so many people around at this moment that I didn't ask her name. What a look she is giving me!

Is she a whippet or a greyhound. Looks too big for a whippet perhaps?


Graeme said...

I'm sure that's a Greyhound Jilly. We have a rescue centre nearby for those that have outgrown their usefulness as racing dogs. Their owners would put them down in many cases! But at least a lot of them end their days in loving care with second owners.

lady jicky said...

I think its a greyhound too.

We have an "Adopt a Greyhound" rescue too in Australia - all the "old" racers.

I know that "look" - you do not have to be a greyhound to get that one going! LOL

Ela said...

Those eyes are lovely :)


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