26 January 2009

The Performing Dogs at the Monte Carlo Circus - 1

Each year Monaco holds holds the Festival of Circus which is one of the most prestigious events in the circus world. This year, the 33rd year, one of the acts was 'Wolfgang Laurenburger and his Performing Dogs,' They won one of the special prizes.

There were three exercise areas along by the sea, not far from the main tent and over the next few days we'll take a look at more dogs.

You can see a beautiful little black dog and also a a photo of all of them performing on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.


Daryl said...

Ah excellent photo bring me a lot of different reactions .. as adorable as those pups are I am not a fan of circuses or zoos ... animals being trained to perform, I dont know I worry about HOW they are trained... sorry to be such a downer ..

Jilly said...

Darryl, I do think dogs like to 'work' ie be trained for something - they like to work to please their owner. In the runs, the dogs were being stared at by loads of people. I imagine, when they are not performing - when not on tour - they have a stable and happy home life with their trainer. I noticed an old dog in the run, indicating they keep their oldies and take them on tour with them.

And wouldn't you say a working dog like this is a lot better than a dog stuck in a refuge or worse. All were in excellent condition. I think this particular circus set-up is excellent. All the animals, tigers, elephants, all looked fabulous, including the dogs. But there will always be an argument against circuses because so many aren't good. This is a good one.

glenda said...

Mixed emotions and thoughts about the circus. But I tend to agree with you. I have seen so many dogs with no chance at all for a life outside of a kennel. Dogs do like to work I have a border collie and she is happiest when she is chasing the frizbie, a ball, or hearding birds on our walks.


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