02 January 2009

Blue Dog

You'd not think these two photos are of the same dog, would you? The first was taken when he was undercover and so less light. I actually prefer the smaller photo - you see the beauty of his expression but it's out of focus - it also shows his true colour.

Focus on the eyes, and the nose is out of focus - focus on the nose and the eyes are - and I'm still learning about Depth of Field...don't ask!

He's a two -year old mix of Weimaraner and Dobermann and lives in Sospel. You can see both parts of the mix, can't you? He's so big though, I thought he had Great Dane in him.

I met him at the market in Carnoles where his owner has a stall selling linens. Can't believe it (yes I can!) I either forgot to ask his name or more likely forgot to write it down, so he's Blue Dog!

For an update on Mama Mia and Mistral please go to Postcards from 'Pension Milou.'


lady jicky said...

Jilly , I thought your photos were fine!
He is lovely but on a linen stand! LOL
One would think they would have a "dainty" dog like a poodle etc.

Anonymous said...

I love the smaller one too -- he is beautiful. But, alas, I don't see Doberman. Still learning breeds. :)


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