04 November 2008

Beau Votes!

Meet my dog, Beau - happy to loan one of his long ears to support Obama on this, America's election day.

Beau lived in a refuge in the Var for four years - he was called Bimbo then but I changed it to Beau the day we drove home together. He is a Bruno de Jura - a Swiss hunting dog - and the origin of the Bloodhound (you can see the resemblance I think). Three weeks after coming home Beau had both ear drums removed to try and cut down on the massive infections he had. He was four and a half hours on the table. He still gets abscesses from time to time but now he's a pretty healthy dog and this is his chair - which used to be 'my' chair. Huh! He's happy and so am I to have him here. He's a wonderful, funny dog with a howl you'd not believe. He's lived with me in Gorbio for 18 months and is probably about 10 years old although really no one knows his age or history. Taking him from the refuge was the best thing I ever did. Always rescue a dog from a refuge - there are so many and they reward you a trillion-fold.I adore this funny ol' boy.

Happy Election Day, America! Beau and I will be sitting up late and watching the results. If the polls are right, we want to be part of history in the making and welcome President Barack Obama, who I know is going to so good for America and the world. It's time for CHANGE!

(This is the same post as is on Menton Daily Photo today - something I don't usually do but today is an important day!)

And to see how you can vote with candies, please go to Monte Carlo Daily Photo.


WendyB said...

My, what big ears you have! Too cute.

Teri said...

Thank you for your support, Beau! I've cast my vote and now can only wait, hope, and pray that we Americans have found a leader worthy of our support. If not, hello New Zealand, Canada, Corfu...

Kate said...

Ah, what a wonderful animal! The barks/bays of hounds are something to hear. We once fostered a dog that was part of some kind of hound and before I could bring him in from his a.m. "toilet" he would shatter the silence of the early morning. I would sprint outdoors to bring him in, but often not quickly enough. One "kindly" and anonymous neighbor recorded the sound, called Jim's office, and played it over the phone. Nice, huh?

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

What a sweet boy Beau is. I have my little Bean girl here with me and the laptop. She's a tabby cat we got from the shelter when she was just a few months old. xoxo. Anxiously awaiting results here too ... looks like an Obama landslide so far. If our retirement portfolio increases from his Presidency, I will be very grateful. He is an awesome debater and has certainly worked his tail off to get here tonight. Love from your girlfriend on The Prairie. xoxo.

lady jicky said...

How lovely to see your dog Jilly and he is a beauty! I have just heard that Obama is your new President. Just goes to show "Old dogs do know a thing or two" LOL
Rosie my pug rescue here in Australia sends big kisses to you Beau

Anonymous said...

Beau is a GORGEOUS dog. He can sit in my chair anytime too. :)

Sheri said...

Thanks for the support Beau! We're so excited over President elect Obama!
Thank goodness Bush's reign is at an end :)


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