14 November 2008


Out walking this morning with my dog, Beau, we met Baron, a 2 year old Braque Français. The small photograph isn't quite sharp but it shows him in real hunting dog stance. Braque translates as Pointer but he hasn't the pointy nose of a Pointer. There are apparently two types - the BF type Gascony and the BF type Pyrénées. Take a look at the Braque Français Club website to read more.

Baron and his owner live in Gorbio. He hunts sanglier (wild boar) but also keeps snakes at bay.

Note his bell - all hunting dogs wear a bell so hunters know where their dogs are.


Small City Scenes said...

What a beautiful dog. MB

glenda said...

Baron seems to be asking a question with his eyes. I always wonder what a dog is thinking.


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