28 March 2015


This is my old dog, Mia, squeezed into a little dog's bed! She's not well at the moment - with something I'd never heard of before. She's had an ear infection for six months which wouldn't clear up despite analyses, antibiotics and drops.  Unfortunately the skin, deep within her ears, had got so thin, that one particular medication got into her blood stream, totally upset her balance, she walks with difficulty, sometimes falling over, and her rear end has no strength.  Since I took this photo, she's been at the vets each day from 8 till 5 on a drip and does seem a little better and starting to eat again. Who knew that some ear drops could do this! The vet says she will hopefully improve but she'll never completely get back her balance - it's now a neurological problem. Fingers crossed.... back to the vet this morning.


brattcat said...

oh, jilly. poor mia. our thoughts are with you as you minister to her.

CWolfe said...

Buenas Dias, Jilly,

Your blogs are bookmarked on my computer, giving me a reminder of life in France. Recently, my little Cairn started loosing weight while eating like a lumberjack. Here in Mexico, it was difficult to make the vets understand that I thought that she had a Malabsorption problem. Three vets later , blood work was done and she now is on digestive enzymes after loosing 1/2 her body weight. We feel so responsible for the little blighters. Hope Mia improves quickly.
All the best, CWolfe

Kate said...

Jilly, Our Maggi had a neurological imbalance about 2 years ago and with medication has pretty much overcome it; however, she cannot walk on our wood floors. As a result our first floor looks like a flea market. I have purchased runners that allow her to go from room to room. Aging is a normal process for all of us, but our sweet canines have a tough time of it unless we care for them without reservation. I miss our mischievous younger Maggi, but she is safe and well with s until she decides that she has had enough. Good memories but sorrowful as she obviously ages now. Good luck with your sweet Mia!

William Kendall said...

It sounds like vertigo.


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