06 May 2014

Widget the Midget

Meet Widget.  He was originally purchased by a family in the Var for 2,500 euros but after a while they decided they didn't want him - saying someone in the family was allergic to him.

He now has a wonderful forever home in the hill village of Sainte Agnes with a friend of mine, Anita.  Happily she didn't have to pay anything like his original price.

I'm not always crazy about all Chihuahuas - so many I've met have been endlessly yappy and also aggressive. I suppose they are so small they feel they have to protect themselves. Little Widget isn't like that at all, he doesn't bark except when someone arrives and he's sweet and gentle and loves everyone.

He won me over! Totally adorable.


Sylvie said...

So cute !

glenda said...

How could you part with Widget? Glad to hear this tail had a happy ending!

lady jicky said...

Not all Chi's are yappy but a lot are :(
He is so cute and I am glad he has a wonderful home Jilly !!!

Kathleen said...

He looks quite confident. I can see how he won you over!


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