31 May 2014

Aston the Hanoverian Hound

This beautiful dog is a Hanoverian Hound (Hannoverscher Schweißhund) - a rare hound from Germany.

It is a hunting and tracking dog descended from bloodhounds of medieval times. It was first introduced into France in the 1980s and is still a very rare breed.

He's called Aston and he's only five months old. I met Aston and his father (see smaller photo) at the Monaco Dog Show.  As you can see in the other photo he's got fairly short legs. Too adorable but then I've a soft spot for hounds, especially a relation of the blood hound.


lady jicky said...

I have never seen this breed Jilly!

Very handsome!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

How have I not been here before Jilly.. You capture these wonderful companions so empathetically, j'adore every one.


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