22 December 2013

Maggie and Mia

We've met Maggie and Mia before.  Maggie, on the left, is a red and white Irish setter - she lives in Monaco.  Mia is one of my rescue dogs - she's a Bassett Ariegois (a French hunting dog) and is the scared one, scared of people that is.  She loves other dogs and as you can see is checking out Maggie who is giving her a very strange look ...


lady jicky said...

Mmmmm - I think Mia is checking out Maggie as she has just sniffed Christmas Cake and Champagne on Maggies lips!! LOL

*Merry Christmas to you all from Australia Jilly !

Moi Moi and Coco my Pekingese send Christmas Woofs to all the dogs in Menton !!!

Anonymous said...

cute doggies.... I like Mia's innocence... Maggie also beautiful...I have "DOLLY" at home

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