18 June 2013

Gunja - and bone

Gunja is a cross between a Boxer and a Golden Retriever. She's the sweetest, gentlest dog and lives in the village of Gorbio.  Here you see her chewing a bone at the recent Méchoui (sheep roast picnic) - yes, the dogs eat as well as the people: there was a large dish of lamb and lamb bones, just for the dogs!

Gunja, is very polite -  here she greets friends at one of the tables. And with her owner and new baby, she says Hello to Gunilla and Alice. 


brattcat said...

i particularly love the final shot in this series. she looks so engaged in her bone chewing.

glenda said...

You got such great shots and the first one with the bone shows pure contentment. Love It!

Marleen said...

The last photo shows how satisfied she is with the bone. Lovely pics.

lady jicky said...

Dog + Bone = Super Happy!!! LOL


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