04 June 2013


Some dogs are just too beautiful for words, aren't they? This stunning Swiss Shepherd Dog lives in the village of Gorbio. He's two and a half years old and is called Ghost. Such gorgeous gentle eyes and such a kind expression.


brattcat said...

what a wise, old soul.

Kathleen said...

I love everything about this dog! The set of his ears and their soft sprouts of hair. The snowy color of his fur. His intriguing eyes, their asymmetry, the soft smudges of a triangle of gray around them. His slight overbite. The lovely gray smudge running up his nose. The warm golden brown colored eyes. I see he has a training collar. I wonder if he is a bit of a handful. In the picture with context, he doesn't look too big, perhaps 40 pounds? Thanks for sharing these amazing shots, Jilly! I'm adding his breed to my list of "must haves" someday!

glenda said...

He is indeed a gorgeous guy! You captured his expressive face beautifully.


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