28 April 2012

Pretty in Pink

Yesterday we saw Poppy's tail. Here is her adorable face with one dark eye and one blue eye.  In the old days the shepherds called am Old English Sheepdog 'wall eyed' when it had one eye of each colour and believed the dog would never go blind. Maybe /probably a myth.

I have a feeling she knows she's pretty, don't you? As I said, yesterday, Poppy lives in Holland and is on the French Riviera for a series of dog shows known as the Riviera Circuit - Monaco, San Remo and Nice - three shows in three different countries which gives dogs a chance of getting various international titles.


Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I have never seen a dog with different colored eyes. I wonder how the judges will or will not be influenced by that. A few months ago I did post on my site a photo of a ranch cat with different colored eyes.

Anonymous said...

You should see my 5 years old OES, named Balou. Balou has both eyes blue.

As a good sheep dog, Balou barks if he shows you the door for a walk and you don't agree fast enough.

Never forget to ask his biscuit at exactly 20.30hrs.

He will growl to tell me to join my wife if she goes to bed sooner than me.

Never forget to ask his biscuit at exactly 8.30pm.

...and jump on the bed at exactly 6 am.

Luc, Montreal, Quebec
In Menton in June

glenda said...

Look at those eyes! I suppose the pink clippie serves a purpose.

lady jicky said...

Pretty Polly in Pink !

brattcat said...

oh, she's an enchantress, she is.


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