20 April 2012


'Top Marques' is on in Monaco at the moment. This is a gathering of all the latest supercars in the world. Boys' toys is what it's all about. But it's not only cars - there are several motorbike stands including one for Harley bikes, so it's no surprise to know this little 4 year old chihuahua is called Harley. He sat happily on the sofa alongside the bikes all day long. Harley normally lives in Switzerland.

He's so cute and a perfect pure white.


glenda said...

Such a strong name for such a little guy. He is really a cutie. Thanks for your kind comments about Stella on Scottsdale Daily Photo.

lady jicky said...

A little Biker Dude!

brattcat said...

he certainly has a harley spirit, doesn't he?


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