17 December 2011

Trolley Dog

This photo was on Menton Daily Photo yesterday but here it is again for readers of Riviera Dogs.

France welcomes dogs almost anywhere. No problem taking a dog to a restaurant, of course - a water bowl will be is provided. This is Danette, a 3 year old Bichon Maltais (Maltese Terrier) making sure her owner has bought the right dog biscuits in the supermarket.

You often see little dogs in a shopping trolley in a supermarket in France - or hanging off it, like Danette.


lady jicky said...

This is why I love the French! LOL

brattcat said...

loved it yesterday, love it today.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

When I saw this yesterday, I thought it belongs on this site as well. Your commentary raises a point that is an issue for Julie's mother. She takes her dog along when she visits Julie's grandmother in the care home, but that means she cannot run any other errands on those trips unless they are places that one can take a dog. And there are not many places one can take a large boxer.

glenda said...

Dave is correct this is a problem and I'm not comfortable leaving her to wait in the car. I agree with brattcat.fawaring


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