12 December 2011

The Pleasure of Goldens

Two Golden Retrievers walking up from Port Hercule in Monaco to the Casino area. You can see the pleasure they bring by looking at the faces of the two ladies who have just noticed them.

That's what dogs do. Bring joy to people.


brattcat said...

how beautifully matched they are in so many ways.

glenda said...

I totally agree with the joy dogs bring. I feel a little sorry for people who have not experienced that.

lady jicky said...

My dog groomer has a golden and he is the sweetest thing in the world!

Carla said...

I used to have a black labrador as a child and he was sooo special always smiling......and now if i see a lab or golden retriever they just make me smile as they seem to always be happy.
Good on Santa with the new camera have fun and thank you for the kind words.
Carla x


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