03 October 2011


For anyone that follows my Menton Daily Photo blog, they will know this was taken outside the Beausejour restaurant in the medieval village of Gorbio - the pot in the last photo is a giveaway.

This adorable bundle is 7-month old Nourse, a little girl who was born and lives in Gorbio. She is probably a mix of Yorkshire terrier and Shih-tzu but as her owner said, you never know with the village dogs!


brattcat said...

is that called an 'underbite' or an 'over-underbite'? what a unique expression it gives her.

Jilly said...

That's an underbite, Brattcat which is where the 'shih-tzu' part of her comes in. They are always undershot or should be.

glenda said...

Nourse looks older than 7 mo. Mixed breeds usually have such great personalities.

lady jicky said...

This little girl looks like she could give you a nip if you upset her! LOL

chihuahua dogs said...

@lady: i agree :D


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