26 May 2011

The Lucerne Hound

I did a double-take when this beautiful hound walked towards me on market day in Menton. She looks like a small version of my Beau, who is a Bruno de Jura.

Her owners told me she is a Lucerne Hound and I've included a photo of her walking with her owner to show that she really isn't that big a dog.

Her name is Fanny, she's 3 years old and lives in Vienna.


brattcat said...

She's a beauty. But has she got half the character of your Beau?

Sharon Creech said...

So sleek. Haven't seen this breed before.

lady jicky said...

I do not know this breed but Fanny is very elegant!

glenda said...

Her ears look so silky. Very neat harness, looks comfortable.


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