07 May 2011

Chelsea - who loves the sunshine

Chelsea would lie in the sun all day, given the chance and screw her eyes up against it, as you see.

She lives in Monaco with her buddy, Toby - also a Golden Retriever (see smaller photo) and although they are both 11 years old they play together like puppies.

In that same photo you can see Fanny (the abandoned poodle - doing pretty well) and Lizzy who you met a few days ago.


Sharon Creech said...

Oh, that Chelsea is a dream. We had a golden retriever that looked so much like Chelsea.

Lilac Haven said...

Love the photo of the dogs on the porch enjoying the sun. We've had nothing but rain for two months. Glad Fanny is doing well. She looks good.

glenda said...

Chelsea seems to be nodding off. Fanny and her friends look great.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

Who wouldn't want to lie in the sun most of the day?

By the way, on our www.VivalaVoyage.com travel photo site this week, we have a photo of a dog on Lake Como who is striking quite a pose and obviously enjoying himself.

lady jicky said...

So glad to hear Fanny is doing well Jilly!

Caro du Jallouvre said...

very beautiful !


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