17 April 2011

Luca and his sunglasses

Not hard to see how bright the sun was in Ventimiglia (just across the Italian border) yesterday. This is a very old Yorkie - 15 and a half - and he needs the sunglasses to protect his eyes.

Luca lives in Nice.


la fourchette said...

This is tooooo precious! Bravo to Luca for 15 years and going strong - if a bit more shaded.

Lilac Haven said...

Very cute. My Daisy needs some of these for the beach.

Coco said...

You wont catch my human putting those on me!

lady jicky said...

What a super dog that he will wear them ! Mine would not Jilly! LOL

glenda said...

Luca looks great for 15, must be the good care. I've tried these on my white boxer both swimming and driving but not very successfully.


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