22 December 2010


Is he a Boxer or a Bulldog? This 9 months old pup caught my eye walking through the Christmas Fair in Menton. Legs are too long for a bulldog yet too short for a boxer and right, he's a mix of the two. Isn't he gorgeous?

Spike lives in Genoa, Italy - just along the Ligurian coast from Menton.


glenda said...

His face looks a lot like my boxer,Stella. But the body, not so much. At any rate, he is adorable.

lady jicky said...

I am not too sure Jilly but he looks very tough :)

Merry Christmas Jilly from Oz !

Jilly said...

Glenda I thought of you when I posted this. A lot of white in this dog. And Lady Jicky - well he's only a puppy and couldn't have been friendlier. Let's hope he keeps friendly.

Anonymous said...

olde english bulldog or valley bulldog both are mixes including english bulldog and boxer. I have an olde english bulldog. He looks similar with a coupe more wrinkles.

Anonymous said...

It's just a mix between english bulldog Boxer. We have a male named Beast that looks identical except he's brindle. He is a wonderful, goofy yet loving addition to the family :) Very beautiful dog!

Anonymous said...

I had a dog like this before too, called a Valley Bulldog (bred in Canada), mix of English Bulldog and Boxer. She was the runt of the litter so smaller size and was super cute and great personality, She loved driving in cars (not walking) and loved to eat anything! she had bit more of an overbite and shorter nub for a tail. The mix is good because less squished in nose problem common on pure english bulldogs. She passed from old age, lived long 15 years (because mix), miss her!


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