05 July 2009

Dog Training - Auption

Auption is a three year old, owned by one of the ladies who trains the dogs. They live in Sospel, a hill village above Menton. There are several varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog. Auption - look at those gentle eyes - is a Tervuren.


Sara Diana said...

He is lovely.

Owen said...

Hi Jilly, this Belgian Shepherd is handsome, what intelligence ! And I really love your Dalmation portrait here ! Who can't love Dalmations after 101 ?

Just did a little canine post for you... woof !

lady jicky said...

He is so handsome!

Parisbreakfasts said...

My favorite dog - the Belgian sheepdog. I had a wonderful Gronandal(sp) for the best 13 years ever.
Instant love


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