18 July 2009

Dog Training - A-l-t

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This adorable little Spitz looks in magnificent condition, doesn't he? Altaïr is 4 years old and lives in Contes, which is beyond Nice - he perhaps travelled the furthest to be at the Roquebrune Dog Training class.

I really should have asked owners to clean their dogs' eyes before I took the photographs. The sun was so bright I didn't notice until the pics came up on the screen and probably the sun made the dogs' eyes a bit runny.

We had to keep making noises to get him to put his ears up - you can see in the middle photo where they are not up. Too cute - wot no ears!

Note: I've changed his name in the heading as for some odd reason it has been bringing in tons of spam for weeks now.


Owen said...

He is adorable, these photos convey perfectly how soft his fur must be, looks to be beautifully brushed...

lady jicky said...

Aren't his ears like velvet!!


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