06 March 2009

Ortone and his Bad Hair Day

I'm only kidding - not really a 'bad hair day' - in fact rather a good one - I love that flick of hair over his eye.

This little dog is an interesting mix - a poodle crossed with a dachshund. Adorable, don't you think? Ortone lives near to Grenoble and is one year old, seen here walking along the sea in Menton.


USelaine said...

The combination worked out nicely. I like his name too.

alex Fawcett said...

He is so cute. I will definitely keep that combination in mind. I love his long hair it looks quite soft. His highlights are great too. Can I get the name of his stylist

Anonymous said...

Cool idea! Is he then...a Pooschand? :) Cute.

lady jicky said...

Oh, that is a nice mix!

Amy J said...

Very stylish flick of hair!


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