25 March 2009

Bella the Bobtail

You don't see many Old English Sheepdogs in the south of France, so when I saw this one sitting with her owners outside a restaurant, I had to take a photograph. 'My' breed after all - one I'd loved, bred, shown and judged for years.

So meet Bella, 6 years old and living in Frankfurt, Germany - on a visit to Menton.

Update on Mistral and Mia on Postcards from Pension Milou today.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog!

lady jicky said...

She is so pretty!
I have to say that I do not see them around my streets either but I do know they are here in Australia and you see them in many dog shows.

Anonymous said...

So funny to see Bella.

She is like a twin of our Balou, two years old, but Balou has two blue eyes that look at you like a real people.

Luc, Montreal, Quebec.

Sharon said...

Bella is quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How lovely she is ! Such a peaceful look. Very beautiful picture.


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