11 February 2009


This little Sheltie was a long way from his home in Luxembourg. Here with his owner for the Lemon Festival of Menton, he's 8 years old. Like many Shelties he was a little nervous at being photographed, but in the end we got there - he wouldn't look at me though - you can see in every photo he's anxiously looking at his Mama. Isn't he gorgeous.


glenda said...

Beautiful photos. We had two Sheltis in our therapy dog program at the hospital. They were so good because they were always wanting to obey their handlers.

Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet face!

lady jicky said...

Nice to see a sheltie with no knots in its hair like I seem to see here Jilly!
He is sweet.

Judy said...

Such blue eyes and intense look. Beautiful well groomed dog.

Amy J said...

Ah, beautiful!


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