04 September 2008


Meet Jicky, a 14 year old Wire-Fox Terrier. In the smaller photograph (click to enlarge) you see the granddaughter of Jicky's owner. Lois loves Grandma's dog. She lives in Orleans, the daugher of a Scottish father and a French mother so she will grow up to be bi-lingual - not struggle like the rest of us. Grandma, granddaughter and Jicky were in Gorbio for the Blessing of the Animals.


lady jicky said...

Well, you know I just have to love JICKY!
I am a new Grandmother (this April) and when I visited my grandson Carlos I wore Jicky perfume and put a touch of it on Carlos's blanket.
I wonder if Jicky's owner is like me - a Guerlain Jicky parfume wearer?? I bet she is! LOL

Jilly said...

I knew you'd have to love him, Lady Jicky. No idea about the grandmother and what perfume she uses - perhaps it is indeed Jicky. It should be. And congratulations on being a new grandmother - I'm sure Carlos loved the perfume!

lady jicky said...

Thankyou Jilly! Its Fathers Day here in Australia today and we are off to see Mr Carlos. Yes, I shall be wearing Jicky! LOL


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