03 May 2008


Daisy has had a somewhat unsettled life. She had many owners - we don't know how many. When her last owner died, the family didn't want her and she was passed around until she was eventually put into the marvellous Sans Collier Provence. She was looked after in four different foster homes - all good people, caring for her until a permanent home came along. And it did. Luck was about to change for our heroine.

She now lives with Laura and Michael in Cap d'Ail, which is near to Monaco. Laura and Michael have always had poodles and when their last rescue poodle, Ziggy, died far too young, they rang Sans Collier Provence to see if they had a poodle. And of course they did!

I'm not sure who loves who the most but there is much mutual adoration. Daisy has gained 2 kilos, she has 13 teeth - you can see one in the photograph! She's estimated to be about 12 or 13 years old and is the happiest friendliest poodle you can imagine.

Lucky dog - lucky owners.


Anonymous said...

Together with Daisy, I am writing to say 'Merci, Jilly', for the pic and words.
It is so rewarding to welcome an older dog to share ones life.In the last 14 months we have learnt to live so happily together.An experience that Jilly and others who offer their homes to older pets will understand.Thanks also to the Refuge, Sans Collier en Provence, who found Daisy for us.

Sara said...

How marvelous that Daisy found a wonderful home. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there who willingly love older dogs - and don't have to have a "puppy"...

My best to both Daisy and her new family!!!!

lady jicky said...

Bonjour Daisy ! I adopted a Rescue Pug we called Rosie this year, she is 8 years old. We are still learning her likes and dislikes but she has blended in so well with our family and our other dog Oscar a pugx malt who is 12 years old. I thought it would have been alot harder but so far its been easy except for Rosies health probs and we are getting through this too!
Rosie tells Daisy she has Less teeth and she is eating just fine! LOL Love to you all from Australia.

WendyB said...

what a sweet face.
All my dogs are "adopted"!

Theresa said...

I love her toothy grin!!


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