14 November 2007


I nearly called this dog The Metropole Dog because I met him in the Metropole shopping centre in Monaco, asked his owner his name and then promptly forgot it. Fortunately I bumped into her again at the cash desk in FNAC, asked her again and then wrote it down! When I first met Jumbo he was being made a great fuss of - and thoroughly enjoying it too. Isn't he a handsome chap?


Anonymous said...

I would be making such a fuss of Jumbo too! What a great Frenchie!
I would love to have one but they are sooooooo expensive here - thats if you can locate a breeder.

Anonymous said...

Very proud to see my Jumbo on your blog. He's the most fantastic dog I ever met in my life, and became soon my best friend. By the way we didn't pay one cent to have this beautiful frenchie : a friend of ours offered Jumbo to his girlfriend who didn't like it ... so Jumbo became our baby ! Life is great !

Anonymous said...

Anon, would your friend please send the next Frenchie he gets for a girlfriend and she doesn't want it off to Australia!
So glad Jumbo has found a wonderful family!

WendyB said...

What a cute pink snout!


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