26 September 2016

Naples Dog Park (Ivy and Theodore)

A dog park in a city is such a great idea. Here,  in Naples,  Ivy, the American Staff and Theodore, a Golden Retriever mix are having the best fun - even if it does look as if they are having a fracas. They are not!


LadyJicky said...


Kate said...

I have mixed feelings about dog parks. For some canines it is wonderful. Our old dog Maggi was always overwhelmed and a bit frightened and our new dog, Wild Wendy, is no match for some of the larger dogs. But our grand-dog, Lexi, enjoys them. Our vet claims that they have been getting more injuries because of dog parks so it is a consideration when deciding to use them. Know your dog and dog park facilities.

William Kendall said...

Dogs sometimes do look like their wolf relatives when they're like this.


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