13 December 2015

Get me outta here!

Get me outta here!  Sometimes I call in to a dog grooming salon in Menton - the owner is a friend of mine - and so of course I have to snap the dogs.  This little bichon has just been bathed and is waiting to be dried.


William Kendall said...

Poor baby!

The Towel of Torment is about to be unleashed.

Petrea Burchard said...

Boz hated to be bathed. He seemed to think he was being punished for something, no matter how much we cooed and petted and told him he was a good boy. The treat at the end was great, but not worth it.

Wilma, however, loves her bath. For her it's a time of family togetherness. She loves being toweled off. And, of course, the treat comes at the end. Good times!

lady jicky said...

When this little Bichon is finally dried ... she will look twice her size!! LOL


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